Case Study -

Customer Profile are one of the most popular online travel providers, getting over 300,000 travellers on the move each year. The UK travel industry have voted the top provider of hotels and in 2009 were awarded with the honour of tour operator-agent with the best website by Travolution.

With offices in the Basingstoke and call centres in India and Spain providing inbound and outbound calls to customers in the UK, LowCostHolidays business has a significant reliance on telephone comms. in order to answer customer questions and process bookings.

The Challenge

LowCostHolidays already used a VoIP telephony system but were finding they needed an additional layer of protection against dropped calls and poor call quality.

The Solution

ViBE appliances were installed at three sites (Basingstoke . UK, India and Spain) and were then integrated with an Avaya VoIP system which supports 70 call centre operators. At peak times there were up to 20 lines in continuous use.

ViBE Benefits

  • 4x as many calls over the existing links without any reduction in call quality
  • Increased call and connection reliability across sites
  • Eliminated the need to upgrade links to support expansion of the call centre operations

About ViBE

ViBE appliances are installed behind existing routing equipment ensuring a simple and straight forward installation and commissioning process (It is also possible to install ViBE enabled routing equipment if preferred). ViBE appliances work in point-to-point situations or in conjunction with an authorised Service Provider offering ViBE enabled services.

ViBE ensures that all call traffic is prioritised thereby reducing existing latency on the line and improving user experience and overall call quality. ViBE delivers not only increased bandwidth utilisation and improved security, but also total resilience for ViBE enabled links by using secondary bandwidth routing (thereby ensuring that no calls are lost). ViBE is also capable of utilising "ViBE Link Bonding" (VLB) combining multiple broadband connections to deliver solutions to clients where bandwidth is restricted or greater resiliency is required.

"As an online business we've worked extremely hard to build a reputation for reliability and service. We can't afford to have that eroded by customers having a bad experience with our phone system, so losing business because of dropped calls and poor call quality is simply unacceptable." Jonathan Bastin, IT Infrastructure Manager LowCostTravelGroup Ltd

"As well as giving us better call reliability, ViBE has also increased our calling capacity and saved us money. I'm delighted we decided to use it." Jonathan Bastin, IT Infrastructure Manager LowCostTravelGroup Ltd