About ViBE

ViBE is a WAN optimisation technology, designed to enhance the quality and performance of all data circuits and to deliver IP-voice services with superior quality and a 5-fold increase in call capacity.

The technology in ViBE delivers superior quality IP voice calls, up to 500% increase in IP call capacity as well as enhanced performance of cloud applications and all other IP communication services. ViBE also provides a number of unique bandwidth stacking and resiliency options, including our unique RAIN mode to reduce latency and packet loss to a minimum.

Get the best performance from your cloud apps

ViBE has a number of unique mechanisms to deliver a superior user experience when using interactive TCP applications such as Citrix, Remote Desktop, SQL and Telnet as well as real-time UDP applications such as IP-voice, video and streaming data. Packet loss can be virtually eliminated using ViBE’s unique RAIN mode feature which also has the added benefit of maintaining latency in-line with that of the physical medium – many QoS-enabled routers and WAN optimisation devices actually induce latency in order to prioritise and optimise data traffic.

Bandwidth enhancement that all businesses can afford

ViBE differs from WAN optimisation products in its ability to enhance the quality of data circuits in addition to its ability to throughput data traffic at a higher rate than the capacity of its WAN link. With ViBE you can use low-cost data services to achieve levels of uptime, throughput and quality that traditionally has been the preserve of enterprise-grade services. ViBE was developed for small and medium-sized businesses from the ground up and is targeted to this market.

ViBE-enable your internet and WAN connections with trusted partners

ViBE-enabled data services are available from leading UK ISPs – and in many cases you don’t need to change your current ISP to take advantage of ViBE. In fact, you can combine multiple service types from different service providers to build a more resilient data connection for your business. ViBE can also be deployed between your corporate offices – allowing you to transport more data over your existing WAN links without investing in more data capacity.

Bandwidth solutions for everyone

ViBE allows the delivery of high-speed data services in areas with poor data connectivity. ViBE has a range of bonding options built-in and can aggregate multiple data connections into one high-capacity pipe – perfect for users in rural environments or in areas where high-speed services are unavailable. And even if you have high-speed services, ViBE’s byte-level QoS delivers enhanced performance for any application to ensure LAN-like performance of cloud applications.

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