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What is ViBE?

ViBE is a bandwidth enhancement technology, designed to boost the performance and quality of internet and WAN connections. In addition, ViBE enhances IP-voice services, delivering superior call quality with up to 5-fold increases in call capacity.

Why ViBE?

Most businesses want to embrace the benefits of cloud applications and IP communication services within their organisation, but find that these services don’t meet their performance expectations when deployed over traditional data infrastructure. Whether it is the speed of cloud applications or the quality of IP communications, for businesses the risk of deploying next-generation services often outweighs the business benefit. ViBE mitigates this risk and empowers organisations of all sizes to regain confidence in the quality of their IP-data connectivity.

How is ViBE different to WAN optimisation?

ViBE delivers many of the key features of WAN optimisation technologies to businesses in a cost-effective hardware and service package. In addition, ViBE enhances the quality, resilience and speed of data connections to provide increased uptime and superior performance. Hence, ViBE is a Bandwidth Enhancer, particularly suited to the requirements of small and medium businesses as well as enterprises with multiple sites.

ViBE Highlights

  • ViBE optimises IP-voice traffic without compression to achieve up to a 5x increase in call capacity.
  • IP-Voice call quailty is maintained, with ViBE achieving MOS scores in excess of 4.4 (better than ISDN call quality) in independent testing.
  • ViBE’s byte-level QoS provides enhanced performance for interactive TCP applications (such as Telnet, Citrix XenApp, Remote Desktop and SQL Databases) as well as real-time UDP applications (streaming data such as IP voice and video) to provide LAN-like performance of cloud applications and IP communication services.
  • ViBE provides industry-leading resiliency and data quality over a range of data circuit types.
  • ViBE offers a compelling solution for service providers and channel partners to enhance their managed HaaS offering with solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. ViBE’s affordability makes it particularly attractive to mid-market customers seeking enterprise-quality data services without the associated financial commitment.

ViBE: Voice & internet Bandwidth Enhancer

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